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Arezzo is home to an annual medieval festival called the Giostra del Saracino which is held at night on  the third Saturday of June and  during the day on the first Sunday of September in the beautiful “Piazza Grande”.  In this, "knights" on horseback representing different areas of the town: Porta Crucifera, Porta del Foro, Porta Sant’Andrea e Porta Santo Spirito, charge at a wooden target  attached to a carving of a Saracen king and score points according to accuracy. Virtually all the town's people dress-up in medieval costume and enthusiastically cheer on the competitors.

The antiques fair in Arezzohas been held in the historic centre of the city for 37 years. It is held the first weekend every month. There are 500 exhibitors on the days of the fair and 100 antique shops that have on offer all day - objects, furniture and paintings from every period.

“Oro Arezzo” international gold, silver and jewelry trade exhibitionis held once a year at Centro Affari e Convegni.

Arezzo is home to an annual international competition of choral singing Concorso Polifónico Guido d'Arezzo  (International Guido d'Arezzo Polyphonic Contest) - September

Horse Showsall year round at the Arezzo Equestrian centre 10 km ….“Toscana Tour, Global Champions Tour, Rider Tour, Equestrian Style, Pony Mania, CSIO Junior e Young Riders, CSIO Pony, Campionati Italiani Assoluti, Finale Circuito FISE-UNIRE etc…”